Custom PVC Enclosures Made With High
Quality 1/2" Thick Flame Resistant PVC
Material.  Each Enclosure Comes Standard
With Sliding Acrylic Doors, Vent Holes On
The Back Wall, and A Keyed Lock.  Optional
Add-On Features Include LED Waterproof
Light Strip or THG Heat Tape.   
Two Foot Enclosure
23"W x 17"D x 11"H = $175.00
Producing Quality Raised Live & Frozen
Rats, Rabbits, Mice & African Soft Furs
Three Foot Enclosure
"W x 17"D x 11"H = $225.00
Four Foot Enclosure
47"W x 17"D x 11"H = $270.00
Four Foot Enclosure-Tall
47"W x 17"D x 23"H = $390.00
Six Foot Enclosure
71"W x 23"D x 17"H = $500.00
Eight Foot Enclosure
95"W x 29"D x 17"H = $650.00
Two Foot Enclosure-Cube
23"W x 23"D x 23"H = $275.00