At Rat Pack Feeders, we know that what you feed your animal is as important
to you as your animal itself.  That is why we strive to raise and produce top
quality feeders that offer the best nutrition to your growing animals and pets.  
Our rats, rabbits and mice are fed a high protein well balanced diet to ensure
optimal weigh and health.  Our feeders are all raised and cared for by us
personally, they are not raised in laboratories, with strict standards that we
follow to guarantee that what we sell is top quality and nothing less.  When
other friends, pet owners and breeders in the industry began seeing the
quality of our feeders, they wanted to take advantage of what we had to
offer.  What started out as a small scale operation to produce the best quality
feeders for our own reptile collection has now developed into a full time,
large scale operation.  We thank you for taking the time to browse our site
and hope you find our feeders to be the best that you have ever fed!
815-509-7217    ratpackfeeders@aol.com
Producing Quality Raised Live & Frozen
Rats, Rabbits, Mice & African Soft Furs